bishnoi: ‘Bulli Bai’ accused Bishnoi tells police he hacked websites, was in contact with ‘Sulli Deals’ creator

Niraj Bishnoi, the alleged mastermind and creator of the ‘Bulli Bai’ app, has revealed that he used to hack and deface the websites of schools and universities in India and Pakistan, officials said on Saturday. police officials. They also said Bishnoi revealed during questioning that he was also in contact with the person behind the @sullideals Twitter account, the alleged creator of the “Sulli Deals” app hosted on GitHub in July last year. .

Delhi police had arrested Bishnoi, 21, from Assam, and claimed to have solved the case involving hundreds of Muslim women auctioned on the Github platform’s “Bulli Bai” app.

A resident of Jorhat who is studying computer engineering in Bhopal, Bishnoi is the fourth person to be arrested for his alleged involvement in the app. The other three, arrested by Mumbai police, include a 19-year-old woman from Uttarakhand who is also believed to be one of the main defendants in the case.

The claim that Bishnoi is in contact with the creator of the “Sulli Deals” app is being verified. Further technical analysis is underway and a forensic examination of the devices is underway, police said.

“During his interrogation, Bishnoi revealed that he had a habit of hacking and defacing websites. He had learned this since he was 15 years old. He had hacked or defaced various school websites and from universities in India as well as Pakistan.. His allegations of hacking websites,” Deputy Police Commissioner (Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations) KPS Malhotra said.

Bishnoi has a fondness for the Japanese anime game character “GIYU”. He had created various Twitter handles using the word and used one of those accounts to challenge law enforcement to catch him, police said.

Previously, he created various Twitter handles – @giyu2002, @giyu007, @giyuu84, @giyu94 and @giyu44.

The @giyu44 account was created by the accused on January 3 to discredit the arrests made by Mumbai police in this case and issue an open challenge to law enforcement to arrest him.

A day before his arrest, he tweeted, “You arrested the wrong person, slumbai police.”

“Lmao, only one guy was involved and that’s me. You pajeets arrested a follower of this acc with sikh dp, who had nothing to do with the app and didn’t tweet anything bad. Did you any shame slumbai pulis?” Bishnoi had said.

Police said Bishnoi further disclosed that he was in contact with those arrested by Mumbai police and used to chat via Twitter.

He had never met these people and did not even have their contact details. He also revealed that he was using Shweta’s Twitter account, who was arrested by Mumbai police, they said.

Bishnoi tries to delay the investigation and does not cooperate. He had also attempted to harm himself twice and had also threatened to kill himself, according to police.

We take care of him in custody. His medical examination has been carried out and he is stable and unharmed. It may be due to his mental state or perhaps he wants to delay the investigation, police officials said.