Germany, UK and Europol target violent jihadist websites

A total of 50 websites devoted to disseminating terrorist propaganda online and promoting a violent jihadist ideology were targeted during a removal action that took place in the last week of October. The European Union Internet Reference Unit (EU IRU) of the European Counterterrorism Center (ECTC) of Europol coordinated the reference activity, which involved law enforcement authorities from Germany and the UK. United.

The referral action targeted violent jihadist and terrorist operated websites by referring them to online service providers (OSPs) supporting the web infrastructure, such as registrars, hosting companies and Internet infrastructure companies, with a request to review content against their terms of service. Out of 50 websites, including sites supporting the so-called Islamic State and al-Qaeda terrorist organizations and their affiliates, 21 have been suspended following referrals to the relevant PSO.

Terrorist groups have traditionally relied on self-managed websites for the storage and dissemination of their propaganda. As major social media companies step up efforts to suspend offensive content from their platforms, terrorist groups and their online supporters are increasingly using websites as a vital tool for spreading their message and creating archives for their media. propaganda publications. Despite frequent suspensions, these websites continue to move their content to new areas.

The SEO action has championed a consistent and systematic approach to website SEO, based on voluntary cooperation with the technology industry. It has enabled practitioners to detect and assess new cases of violent jihadist websites and exploited by terrorists in an attempt to raise awareness of the extent of the phenomenon and draw attention to new patterns of abuse.

Efficient and sustainable disruption of these sites requires enhanced cooperation between Europol and law enforcement agencies and an enriched international public-private partnership with the PSOs supporting the web infrastructure.

Read the announcement at Europol