Google trackers feature on 97% of Indian websites, study finds

Pune: The number of Android apps requesting camera and microphone permissions on smartphones has risen from 45% to 68% and from 28% to 54%, respectively, over the past five years, according to a study by the security firm and Arrka Data Privacy Statement titled ‘State of Indian Websites and Mobile Apps Data Privacy’.

The study looked at 201 Indian mobile apps and websites from 100 organizations across 25 industries. Arrka has followed various privacy settings over five years. Here are some of his findings:

  • Google is the largest third party with which data is shared, followed by Facebook. Google trackers were present in 97% of the sites and those of Facebook in 55%.
  • About 42% of Android apps share data with Google and 25% with Facebook. This could be because organizations provide new services/features based on these permissions.

“India Inc. seems to have continued its trajectory of paying little attention to data privacy, with the unspoken paradigm being ‘let the law come’. This is evident from the data in this study, where most privacy-specific metrics appear to have only gotten worse,” said Shivangi Nadkarni, CEO, and Sandeep Rao, Principal Consultant.

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