Andreas Novak - Lead Vocals

Andreas started to play the guitar at the age of 9, and appeared mainly as a guitar player in various bands during the 80’s, not singing more than backing vocals. At a time when the world was full of guitarists and the lack of competent lead singers was obvious, his final choice of instrument came naturally. Studying at the Stockholm Music Conservatory in 1998, Andreas got in touch with Mind’s Eye and became their new singer. Andreas also appeared in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s "Jesus Christ Superstar" in Sweden and Lithuania during 1999, playing the part of "Judas".

The first Mind’s Eye album with Andreas Novak on lead vocals, “Waiting for the tide”, came out 2000 followed by “A work of art”, released 2002. Andreas got a solo deal with MTM records in 2004, and released his first solo album 2005: “Forever Endeavour”.

During the last decade Andreas has also worked as a session singer and participated as lead singer on different rock projects such as Tommy Denander’s “Deacon Street 2”.

The third Mind’s Eye album with Andreas on vocals came out 2006 and was called “Walking on H20”, and he is now proud to sing on his fourth Mind’s Eye album: “A Gentleman’s Hurricane”.

Andreas Novak – Discography
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Mind´s Eye “A Gentlemans hurricane” – 2007
V3 –Melodic Rock Compilation- 2007
Mind’s Eye “Walking on H2O”- 2006
Various Artists “Deacon Street”- 2006
Novak “Forever Endeavour”- 2005
MTM Rock Ballads 6 2005
MTM Compilation 10 2004
Fame Factory Vol. 7 2004
Gary Moore Tribute “Give us Moore” 2004
Blackmore Tribute “Blackmore’s Castle” 2004
Mind’s Eye “A work of art” 2002
Queensryche Tribute:” Warning…” 2000
Mind’s Eye “Waiting for the tide” 2000

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