Daniel Flores - Drums, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Daniel was born in Conception, Chile and moved to Stockholm, Sweden at the age of seven. At the age of ten he started to play the violin for a few years but then quitted for the lack of musical interest. By the age of sixteen he followed some friends to a studio just to check out the instruments, and when he tried the drums he knew instantly what he was going to do with his life. Daniel started to take drum lessons after four years of self-studying and started his first band called Afterglow. After studying music in high school he studied arranging and sound engineering at Stockholm music conservatory.

Daniel won in 2005 the drummer of the year award in melodicrock.com quote: “for always making great performance and for total ruling the Metal and Aor scene in 2005, Daniel was everywhere”.

Now studying music arrangement and discovering a new part of him self in film music, he continues to grow and work to impress the business with it demands. As always in his Sound vs. Science studio in Stockholm making a living as a fulltime musician.

Today Daniel is the most hired Progressive rock/metal, Fusion, AOR drummer in Sweden and keeps on going strong with over 70 albums already recorded!

Birthday: The 8th of February.
Influences: Phil Collins, Terry Bozzio, Tommy Lee, Neil Peart, Rod Morgenstein, and Jeff Porcaro.
Favorite musician: John Williams and Danny Elfman.
Favorite book: Gods of the new millennium by Allan F Alford.
Equipment: Premier XPK drums, Sabian and Paiste cymbals, Gibraltar drum racks, Yamaha pedals, DW hardware, Latin Percussion, Evans heads, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Rolland spd-11 digital percussion and Alesis Qs7 keyboards.
E-mail: info@danielflores.net

For more info on Daniel please go to: www.danielflores.net

Daniel Flores - Discography

With Mind's Eye
Mind’s Eye - Afterglow (95)
Mind's Eye - Into the unknown (98)
Mind's Eye - ...waiting for the tide (2000)
A tribute to Queensrÿche – Waring: Mind’s of raging empires (2000)
Mind's Eye - A work of art (2002)
Mind's Eye - "Walking on H20" (2006)
Mind's Eye - "A Gentleman’s Hurricane" (2007)
MTM Ballads Volume 7 - Mind’s Eye / The art of an angel (2007)

As Drummer
ZooL -Zool (2001)
Benny Jansson - Save the world (2002)
Hubi Meisel - EmOcean (2003)
Faro - Dawn of Forever (2003)
Chris Catena - Freak out (2003)
Shadrane - Neurastasia (Unreleased)
Chris Catena - All freak horses, all freak men (2003)
MTM VOLUME 9 - Faro / Sometimes
Tears of Anger - Still alive (2004)
Joop Wolters - "Speed Traffic and Guitar-accidents" (2004)
Philip Bardowell – In the cut (2005)
Pavic - "Taste some liberty" (2004)
Hubi Meisel - "Kailash" (2006)
Moonstone - "Time to take a stand" (2004)
A tribute to Blackmore - Blackmore's Castle Volume II (2004)
Beyond the Labyrinth - Signs (2005)
Speedy Gonzales - "Electric stalker" (2004)
A tribute to Gary Moore - "Give us More!" (2004)
MTM Volume 10 - "Novak / Save me" (2005)
Sha-Boom - "The race is on" (2005)
MTM Rock ballads vol. 6: - "Novak / Carry on" (2005)
Fatal Force - "Fatal force" (2006)
Deacon Street – “II” (2006)
Seven days - "The weight of the world" (2006)
Secret Sphere - "Heart & Anger" (2005)
Tears of Anger - "In the shadows" (2005)
A tribute to David Lee Roth: - "Chris Catena / 'Goin' Crazy'" (2005)
Listen up Vol 1: - "Speedy Gonzales / Desires of the flesh" (2005)
Meldicrock.com Volume 4 – Philip Bardowell / Dreaming with my eyes wide open (2007)
A tribute to Mötley Crüe - "Too fast for love" (2006)
A tribute to Sammy Hagar - "Blues Sarasino & Chris / The Montrose song" (2006)

As Sound Engineer
Bloodshed – Inhabitants of Dis (2002)
Skiller “Soulless generation” (2006)
Seventh Wonder - "Become" (2005)
Seventh Wonder – Waiting in the wings (2006)
Crucified Barbara – in distortion we trust (2005)
Chris Catena - "Still alive and freakin" (2007)
Mehida – “Blood & water” (2006)
Pedestrians of blue - "Crossing over" (2006)
Beatsters – “promotion Cd” (2007)

As Producer
Garcia - Sleeping Like a Stone (2004)
Fame Factory Volume 7 - Andreas Novak / Save Me (2004)
Novak - "Forever Endeavour" (2005)
Xsavior - "Caleidoscope" (2005)
Chris Catena - The return of the galactic freakboy (2007)
Martina Edoff - "Self produced" (2006)
Maria Radsten – “Self produced” (2006)
MelodicRock.com Volume 3: - "Novak / Said and done"
Wasai - "A taste of paradise" (2005)
Erik Linder - "Eric Linder" (2007)
Daniel Palmqvist - "A landscape made from dreams" (2006)
Hjalmar Engström - "The voice inside" (2006)
Quitsand – “The worst is yet to come” (2006)

Upcoming Albums
A tribute to G&R - "tba" (2008)
Mindcage - "Charting the unseen" (2008)
A tribute to Kiss – “tba” (2008)
A tribute to Def Leppard - "tba" (2006)
Hubi Meisel - "Trinity" (2008)
Frozen rain – “tba” (2008)
A tribute to White Snake – “tba”
7days – “tba” (2008)
The codex – “tba” (2007)
Evil Masquerade – “tba” (2008)
Beyond The Labyrinth – “Castle in the sand” (2008)
Silent Call “tba” (2007)
Natalia Flores – Pyramiden (2007)
Shadow Spell – “tba” (2008)
Dark illusion – “tba” (2008)
Johnny Lima – “tba” (2008)
Tommy Demander and Sören – “tba” (2008)
Wasai – Tba”
Black Candle Wedding- “tba”

Afterglow - Castle of Eternity (Directed by Pier Johnsson 96)
Tears of Anger - Still Alive (Directed by Benny Jansson 2004)
Chris Catena - Freak Out Tonight (Directed by Debora Farina 2004)
Mind’s Eye – Feed my revolver (Directed by Fredrik Englund 2007)

Papperslösa – Music and sound editing
Det är synd om människan – Music and sound editing
Jakten på G gruppen - Music