Johan Niemann - Bass & Guitars

At the suggestion of music teacher, Johan Niemann started playing bass at the age of eleven. While studying music in high school he also took jazz theory and improvisation lessons from guitarist Johan Öijen. Later, he attended the Stockholm music conservatory for sound engineering and music production studies. In addition to Mind’s Eye, Johan joined Therion in 1999 together with his brother Kristian. Since then he has toured the world and played on a number of records with different artists. He is a member of Demonoid, a band consisting of Kristian Niemann, and drummer Ricky Evensand (ex Soilwork).

Birthday: June 26 1977
Influences: Anthony Jackson, Chris Squire, Eddie Jackson
Favourite musician: Frank Zappa
Favourite book: The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
Equipment: Fender precision 62 reissue, Ashdown ABM 900 evo II, Ampeg cabinets, dbx 163x

Afterglow - Afterglow (95)
Mind's Eye - Into the unknown (98)
Mind's Eye - ...waiting for the tide (2000)
Therion - Deggial (2000)
Therion - Secret of the Runes (2001)
Mind's Eye - A work of art (2002)
Tribute to Judas priest – A tribute to the priest (2002)
Tribute to thin Lizzy – Emerald A tribute to the wild one (2002)
Tribute to Metallica – The four horsemen (2002)
Tribute to ABBA – A tribute to ABBA (2002)
Frans Haraldsen - Saker som ibland och oftast händer (2003)
Tribute to Scorpions – A tribute to the scorpions (2003)
Therion - Sirius B / Lemuria (2004)
Tears of Anger - Still alive (2004)
Hubi Meisel - EmOcenan, Japan release (2004)
Moonstone - Time to take a stand (2004)
Novak - Forever Endeavour (2004)
Demonoid – Riders of the apocalypse (2004)
Tears of Anger – In the shadows (2005)
Hubi Meisel - kailash (2005)
Mind’s Eye – Walking on h20 (2006) CD – V3 (2006)
A tribute to Sammy Hagar – Three lock box (2006)
Daniel Palmqvist – A landscape made of dreams (2006)
Therion – Gothic kabbalah (2007)
Eric Linder – Eric Linder (2007)
Mind’s Eye - A gentleman’s hurricane (2007)
Hubi Meisel – Trinity (2008)

Afterglow - Castle of Eternity (Directed by Pier Johnsson 96)
Therion – Summer night city (2002
Tears of Anger - Still alive (Directed by Benny Jansson 2004)
Mind’s Eye – feed my revolver (Directed by Fredrik Englund 2007)
Therion – Son of the staves of time (2007)