Released by Sensory/The laser's edge 1998 Sensory Records

Track Listing
01. The Other Side Of Me
02. In Chace Of Time
03. Almost There
04. Wishes In The Wind
05. Questions
06. Am I Waiting?
07. Light Waves (Instrumental)
08. Without The Sun

Johan Fahlberg/Vocals
Gredrik Grünberger/Guitars
Johan Niemann/Bass
Daniel Flores/Drums and keys

Produced by Mind's Eye
Recorded Mind's Eye at sheep Valley studio,July 97
Mixed by Jan "baby" Jane karlsson and Mind's Eye at the SMK studio,Jan 98
Mastered by BobKatz, Digital Domain USA

All music written by Grünberger, Niemann and Flores

Band photo by Jens Mohr
Artwork by Bill Ellsworth
Graphic Design and Layout by Michael Bennett