Track Listing
01. Frozen Tears
02. Calling (father to son)
03. A Pond Of Thoughts
04. Closer (spirits in the room part I)
05. In My Mind (spirits in the room part II)
06. Primitive Light
07. Jealousy In Disguise
08. Fall On Trust
09. Circles In The Sand
10. ...Fade Out

Bonus songs (never released before) on Lion Music re-release in 2006:
11. Endless passages (Featuring Robert Forse / Head's or Tales on vocals)
12. Spellbound (instrumental)

Andreas Novak/Vocals
Gredrik Grünberger/Guitars
Johan Niemann/Bass
Daniel Flores/Drums and keys
Featuring: Robert Forse on vocals (only on re-release)

Produced by Mind's Eye
Recorded by Mind's Eye at Sheep Valley studios and SMK studios with assistance by Jan "baby Jane" Karlsson, June 1999

Mixed by Mind's Eye assisted by Göran "Ernie" Ernlund at Little Big Room Studios, September 1999

Mastered by Mats Lindfors at Little Big Room Studios

All music written by Fredrik Grünberger, Daniel Flores and Johan Niemann
Except: Calling (father to son) Fredrik Grünberger and Daniel Flores

Artwork, graphic design, layout and photographs by Mattias Norén, Click here to see booklet

Band Photo by Pekka Pääkkö

Re-released by Rising sun records March 2002
Re-released by Lion Music June 2006 (with bonus songs)