Nigeria: Adequate attention to housing, panacea for economic development

A real estate expert and managing director of Keshab Properties and Investment Limited, Abiodun Fausat Abdul, said the country’s economy cannot be fully developed without a functioning housing sector.

She therefore said that if the government wants to develop the economy, adequate attention must be given to the housing sector.

Abdul said this during his company’s end of year program basically aimed at recognizing real estate agents, who have worked hard over the past year and also to come together and thank God for the journey so far. .

She said that the real estate sector needs government support, adding that “first of all, the government should provide a favorable environment for real estate companies in terms of title, possession, timing and cost, because when these companies Realtors get the properties cheaper and easier, they would also give it to the public at a cheaper rate.

“When the process is so tedious, they pass it on to the public, that is, to the people. So when the government supports the real estate companies, the government indirectly supports the individuals in the economy.

“If the government wants to develop the economy, it must pay very close attention to the housing sector by creating an enabling environment for real estate companies and also providing finance to real real estate companies who are ready to use this fund to improve the housing sector. people’s lives,” she added.

Besides the year-end meeting to appreciate the real estate agents, she said her company also provides them with training and incentives for the sales they have made.

“Today many people who have sold properties worth a million naira and above come home with gifts to encourage them and sometimes instead of giving them only five percent commission we let’s increase it a bit just to encourage them to do more.

“People usually run away from selling properties because it’s hard to do. But what we do is we train people to sell.

“That’s one of my main areas; I’m a property investment trainer, so I put them through the process of being kind of a real estate agent,” she added.

She advised Nigerians that at the beginning of the year, they should be on the lookout for genuine companies like Keshab Properties and Investment Limited through which they can own their own homes, adding, “we are in business not only to earn money but to solve housing problems for people.

“That’s why we deal with properties that aren’t that expensive and always put them on payment plans.

“So Nigerians should be on the lookout for companies that offer real solutions to housing problems in Nigeria and they should learn to save and not spend all the money they earn.

“They should be saving up to invest in real estate, because that’s what most people fall back on after many years of good service.”

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