Polls in Sarawak: GPS candidate Aidel Lariwoo to focus on economic development of Sadong Jaya | Malaysia

Flags of the Gabungan Party Sarawak are visible in Kuching on December 11, 2021. – Photo by Bernama

ASAJAYA, December 11 – Economic development, in particular through the tourism industry and entrepreneurship, aimed at offering a better quality of life to the population, will continue to be at the center of the concerns of Aidel Lariwoo, the candidate of Gabungan Sarawak Party (GPS) in Sadong Jaya constituency in the 12th election of Sarawak State.

The incumbent Sadong Jaya said that attention will be paid to developing areas that are likely to attract tourists, for example the fireflies along Sungai Batang Sadong, which could provide locals with the opportunity to generate income.

“We have built several monuments, including iconic towers, a waterfront bazaar and the Sadong Jaya Heritage Gallery, which are expected to boost Sadong Jaya’s economic growth,” he told Bernama.

He reiterated that all completed and ongoing development projects have been implemented based on feedback given by residents, especially for long term development.

Aidel, who won the seat in the last two elections, is determined to ensure that the development of the region is based on the needs of the local population in order to ensure a better quality of life and, thus, help to raise standard of living.

Aidel is also committed to empowering entrepreneurs, including newcomers, and strengthening existing entrepreneurs by offering various courses and facilities needed by all types of businesses, especially in the tourism sector.

“For long-term planning, we will help to further improve the marketing of locally produced products, including finding private investors to develop these products through the relevant agencies,” he said.

As such, he said the development of entrepreneurial cooperatives is also important in efforts to encourage and support entrepreneurs to conduct business in the region.

In the state elections on December 18, Aidel, well known to Sadong Jaya’s electorate, will face Nur Khairunisa Abdullah of the Sarawak Bersatu Party (PSB), Piee Ling of the Keadilan Rakyat Party (PKR) and Jolhi Bee of the Bumi Party. Kenyalang (PBK). Bernama