Theresa Metcalf, Deputy Director of Kerr Economic Development Corp. OU Economic Development Institute graduates

Theresa Metcalf, Deputy Director of KerrEDC, is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma Institute for Economic Development (OU EDI).

“Theresa is an essential part of the KerrEDC ecosystem. Her degree from the country’s largest economic development program, the OU Economic Development Institute, is a testament to the hard work and dedication she puts into day in and day out, ”said Gilberto Salinas, Managing Director of KerrEDC.

The Kerr Economic Development Corporation (KerrEDC) announced today that its Deputy Director Theresa Metcalf is a graduate of University of Oklahoma Institute of Economic Development (OR EDI). OU EDI is an intensive 117 hour certificate program that provides advanced training for economic development professionals.

“I’m excited to take what I’ve learned from OU EDI and apply it to my role at KerrEDC, where my goal is to implement economic development strategies that benefit the community and attract businesses,” said Metcalf, who has lived in Kerrville for approximately 20 years and has worked for the Kerr Economic Development Corporation since 2016. “Through cooperative action, we can celebrate the unique qualities of our community while working collaboratively to solve our challenges.

In his role at KerrEDC, Metcalf is responsible for the development and management of the KerrEDGE Entrepreneur Center programs, business retention and expansion, and workforce training. It helps to implement an economic development strategy to support and increase the competitiveness and pro-business atmosphere of the greater Kerrville region.

“Theresa is an essential part of the KerrEDC ecosystem,” said Gilberto Salinas, Executive Director of KerrEDC. “Her graduation from the nation’s largest economic development program, the OU Economic Development Institute, is a testament to the hard work and dedication she puts in day in and day out to constantly grow as an economic development professional. “

OU EDI courses focus on three main areas including: Business Retention and Expansion, Real Estate and Credit Analysis, as well as areas of concentration in Workforce Development, marketing, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, community and neighborhood development and management of economic development organizations. Students typically take 1 to 2 years to complete the program through a series of intensive in-person or online courses.

“OU Economic Development Institute is the premier organization dedicated to training economic development professionals,” said Mark James, CEcD and Dean of OU EDI. “These graduates represent some of the best economic development practitioners in the United States who work to support their local communities. My congratulations to them.

OU EDI began in 1962 and is celebrating its 59th year of service to the economic development community. Fully accredited by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), the program has certified nearly 6,000 professionals and remains the leading teacher in economic development in the world.

For more information about the OU Economic Development Institute, its courses and internationally recognized certificate program, contact 405-325-3136 or

About Kerr Economic Development Corporation

The KerrEDC is an economic and trade league located in the heart of Hill Country and part of the San Antonio-Austin trade corridor. KerrEDC implements business and enterprise growth strategies across a range of industries, which are linked to the comprehensive 2050 Your Voice-Your City plan. The organization’s goal is to foster community growth through business recruiting, workforce development, and maintaining the cultural vibrancy of the Texas Hill Country. For more information visit

In 2020, KerrEDC received four Economic Development Excellence Awards from the International Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) that highlight business retention and expansion initiatives, including the KerrEDC video podcast: Economic Dialogue, Round Tables quarterly on Industry and Inclusion, KerrEDC TopForty Awards and Business Resource. website

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