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Due to the recent pandemic, the world has witnessed a historic shift in market trends. Before the pandemic, most trade and commerce was done in the traditional form. However, much like the success of e-commerce, tech giants like Amazon and eBay have already signaled this change.

The covid-19 situation and resulting lockdowns have given e-commerce an unprecedented chance to grow. Now, B2B type of commerce solution is the main form of commerce in UAE. Online engagements gave parties a chance to interact and trade without any sort of interruption.

Thus, digital technology and finance are becoming the norm, especially in the MENA region. Now, many platforms offer companies the opportunity to participate in wholesale transactions. Additionally, where the consumer marketplaces have grown rapidly, the B2B marketplace has experienced a slower growth rate.

Scout Stock is an excellent B2B platform for entrepreneurs looking to expand their local and international audience. This platform is completely reliable and offers a wide range of necessary tools and elements that any business needs to grow.

Moreover, stock scout is very easy to use and has integrated the latest search engine optimization tools to help its users market their products in the best possible way. The stock Scout has many advantages and advantages over other rigs. No wonder it’s one of the biggest B2B platforms in the world.

Speaking of user-friendliness, the platform is so user-friendly that it provides a seamless shopping experience for many types of businesses. Moreover, you will find amazing membership packages to subscribe to. But do not worry. There is also a free package for beginners and new start-ups.


Tradelink is one of the leading B2B platforms in the UAE and other MENA regions for global B2B e-commerce. It allows sellers or suppliers to sell their products to a wide variety of businesses in the United Arab Emirates, Middle East and North African countries. Additionally, Tradeling has opened doors to a wide variety of sellers both locally and internationally.

Additionally, Tradeling recently confirmed that it will provide logistics and financing solutions to its users. Additionally, Tradeling, in an effort to support businesses impacted by the pandemic, has pledged to waive all commission fees. Additionally, this platform connects thousands of MENA-based buyers with sellers in 190 countries and regions. Thus, they provide a huge platform for businesses to grow their audience.

Tradeling pays special attention to young Arab entrepreneurs as it wants to promote a non-oil trade in the UAE that is both progressive and forward-looking. In this way, Tradeling has ensured a seamless buying and shopping experience for MENA-based businesses globally.


WeMENA is another excellent B2B platform operating in the United Arab Emirates. It is among the largest B2B wholesale marketplaces that provide online bulk transactions in the UAE, Middle East and North African countries. WeMENA allows buyers to connect seamlessly with wholesale sellers and suppliers in the UAE.

Additionally, WeMENA offers multiple payment options. But considering the impact of COVID-19 on the economic world, they have also introduced the “Buy now, pay later” program. This is a very thoughtful and useful feature for SMBs and large enterprises.

Moreover, subscribing to the platform gives you access to one of the largest wholesale markets in Dubai. This allows the user to choose from thousands of products from a wide variety of options and categories. Some of the most popular and crowded niches in weMENA are wholesale electronics, fresh food, cleaning products, wholesale appliances, and wholesale office supplies.


B2B platforms are a great way to promote online commerce. As our world becomes more digital every day, businesses are scrambling to catch up. Paperless transactions are becoming the norm. This type of business has made life easier; it made other things complex.

Therefore, businesses should subscribe to a reliable B2B marketplace platform. These platforms are designed to help vendors and buyers inform the most advantageous contracts for a hassle-free buying experience.

So, as the UAE leads the e-commerce world, you can consider the three excellent platforms mentioned above to give your business a decent chance to grow.

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