Want to support the Ukrainian people? These apps and websites can help you send money

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As world leaders have warned for weeks, the Russian President Vladimir Putin launched what President Joe Biden has called a “Unprovoked and unjustified attack” to neighboring Ukraine.

The military operation has sparked international condemnation, with fears of mass casualties, and many seeking to support the Ukrainian people to some degree, with donations for medical supplies, humanitarian aid, psychological services, military equipment and other causes.

A handful of approved nonprofit organizations have been shared by journalists for those looking to help, with various sites, apps, social media pages, and crowdfunding initiatives to provide monetary assistance to various charities and platforms.

A few to consider:

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Bitcoin donations to Come Back Alive Foundation

Founded in 2014, the Kyiv-based Come Back Alive Foundation is one of Ukraine’s largest charities. protection and specialized software.

Co-organizer of the Invictus Games in Ukraine since 2019, Come Back Alive is a non-governmental organization that also supports training, psychological assistance, medical aid and other projects. His Facebook page sharing stories, photos and videos.

To contribute from abroad, the association accepts secure money transfers, and crypto donations (Bitcoin), but the Patreon option has since been removed for violation of the platform’s policies (read why here).

Contributor: Marc Saltzman

Ukrainians gather for “Mariupol is Ukraine”, February 22, 2022.

Army SOS

Similarly, Army SOS uses donated funds support Ukrainian soldiers in various ways.

As detailed on his website and Facebook pagethe Army SOS Citizen’s Initiative manages the purchase of necessary ammunition, shields, intercom and reconnaissance facilities, uniforms and food.

“We deliver all goods directly to the unit’s location and hand them directly into the hands of our warriors,” the Army SOS website says.

Red Cross

Donations made to the Ukraine crisis support humanitarian work in the country.

the International Committee of the Red Cross and Ukrainian Red Cross supporting food production initiatives and repairing infrastructure (including water pumping stations), as well as rebuilding damaged homes and providing aid to hospitals, schools, mental health facilities and community centres.

Money can be sent in the form of a one-time donation or a monthly contribution to the cause.

Risen soldiers Ukraine

With the aim of “providing assistance to the Ukrainian people, so that they can exercise their fundamental rights and freedoms”, RSU is a non-profit organization whose programs are mainly focused on medical rehabilitation.

As stated on its website and Facebook pagedonations (through PayPal) assisting seriously injured soldiers by supporting medical aid and rehabilitation; caring for hospital patients injured during the conflict by providing emergency medical aid and supplies; and meeting the housing needs of Ukrainian soldiers and their families, among other efforts.

Other Ukrainian charities

Razom for Ukraine and peace sunflower are both recommended by a participatory list fundraisers and charities organized by Ukrainian journalists. Funds raised are used to purchase and distribute first aid kits and medical supplies to doctors and volunteers caring for soldiers on the front lines, as well as medical rehabilitation for those who are injured.

To help children affected by war, Children’s voices is a charitable foundation that provides psychological and psychosocial support to children, “to help them overcome the consequences of armed conflict”, according to its website.

Donationswhich can be done with a credit card or Google Pay account, go to art therapy, psychologists to help children in boarding schools, family therapy, and more.

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