🌱 Redistricting Voltage + County Economic Development Loans

Hello everyone. It’s me, Sean Peek, your Strongsville Daily host – here to bring you all the biggest things happening in town these days.

First, today’s weather forecast:

Partly sunny, then becoming cloudy. High: 76 Low: 59.

Here are the top three stories in Strongsville today:

  1. The redistricting caused two Cuyahoga County lawmakers to run against each other in the August primary election. State Representatives Monique Smith and Bride Rose Sweeney will compete to represent Ohio’s 16th District. The primary-election winning state representative will run against Republican Michael Lamb in November. (cleveland.com)
  2. Are you looking for a new best friend? Patch, with the help of Petfinder, has compiled a list of pets ready for adoption in the Strongsville area who are looking for a forever home. Click to see the full list of pets. (Strongsville crest)
  3. The Cuyahoga County Community Improvement Corporation is recommending two loans aimed at attracting new business ventures to the county. The first loan will total $485,000 and the second will total $950,000. The first loan will be used to create six new health and wellness-focused rental spaces in the Vitrolite Building on Detroit Avenue. The second loan will be used to convert the Mickey’s Building on Euclid Avenue into rental space. (Cleveland.com)

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Today in Strongville:

  • English lessons for non-native speakers At the Strongsville Public Library (9:30 a.m.)

From my notebook:

  • The Strongsville Police Department still provides another comic meme reminding the community to lock the doors. Don’t be an easy target for theft. Lock the doors. (Strongsville Police Department via Facebook)
  • Ever wanted to record your own music? The Strongsville Branch Public Library is hosting a Orientation of the virtual studio on Saturday at 9:30 a.m. This workshop is for clients 11 years and older. (Town of Strongsville)
  • This year rib burning will take place on June 16 and 18 in the Communes. Attendees will enjoy award-winning ribs and sides. Click for the complete program and schedules. (Town of Strongsville)

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