5 Sharing Economy Websites You Should Know About

Indeed, it is a model almost identical to barter, in which the needs of a good and a service take priority over the economic transaction to which we are accustomed in capitalism, contributing to being more ecological and economical, since it saves money. Today we are going to review some of the best sharing economy platforms which you can find on the internet.

This website is the leader in barter, barter and exchange classified ads in Spain. If you are looking for a barter, you can post your ad for free and exchange your second-hand items or services for others.

It includes a wide variety of items that you really don’t need forever that can be passed from person to person, such as fishing rods, strollers, video games, comics, books etc Another similar alternative is Trueques.com.

This platform has been helping travelers through every step of home exchange for over 65 years (since 1953). It mainly focuses on the traditional exchange and interest of “I stay with you and you stay with me”providing local assistance.

He believes in trust, mutual respect, openness and a genuine interest in other cultures.

It’s a online community dedicated to barter and exchange. As they say in their principles, here “money has no value or use”.

Change offer

You can post free ads or search for those already posted to trade things or items you have in your home, trade second-hand items, trade services, or trade favors.

Learning languages ​​is much easier if you can connect with other people who know the language you want to know and, in return, you teach them another. Currently, their figures reflect that they have more than 3 million members from 175 countries among which 164 languages ​​can be practiced. Be a student and a teacher at the same time.

linguistic exchange

My Language Exchange allows you to choose your mother tongue, the language you would like to practice, your country of reference and, possibly, the age of the person with whom you would like to do the language exchange. It’s like when you were sent on exchange when you were little, but much more comfortable and without so much unnecessary travel, since it can even allow you to connect with natives through video calls.

Yoomers is the collaborative platform to feel and eat “at home” and easily connect a community of people who want share a home-cooked meal at home.

Young people

Bring together those who cook at home on a daily basis (the hosts) with those who are away from home in search of home-cooked meals and tasty experiences (the guests). Yoomers is also an experience, a moment of disconnection and rest in a better place than a bar, a shopping center, an office, a park; in a real cozy house.