BJP ministers to meet beneficiaries of welfare schemes

As part of celebrations marking eight years of Narendra Modi’s government at the Centre, Union ministers and national officials will spread across the country on a fortnightly program starting May 30 to meet with recipients of various social assistance schemes to hear their views and gather feedback.

The issue was discussed at the meeting of BJP national office members here. The party will organize various sammelans of laabhartis (beneficiaries) where those who have benefited from a particular social welfare program will be identified and invited to attend. A Union minister or a national official will meet them. Door-to-door and district-level programs will also be organized.

Asked about the programme, BJP General Secretary Vinod Tawde said PM beneficiaries-Kisan Samman, Ujjwala, Ayushman Bharat and others will gather at these sammelans (meetings) where the minister or party leader will collect comments on the performance of these schemes.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed in his keynote address at the conclave that the government and the BJP will strive to provide these social protection schemes to every eligible beneficiary without any discrimination. Although this is a daunting task, every effort will be made and no roadblocks, confusion or false propaganda spread by the opposition doing politics should deter them.

The Aadhaar serving as a basis for the dissemination of these social measures, it will serve to identify the beneficiaries. A senior BJP official said the Aadhaar card also contains the address and other details that will facilitate this work.

“The free distribution of food grains to 80 million beneficiaries over the past few months serves as a ready data bank for this purpose. Similarly, we have details of those who obtained LPG cylinders through Ujjwala and the beneficiaries will be identified. to contact them,” the BJP leader said.