Booysendal determined to improve the economic well-being of the community

LYDENBURG – Northam Booysendal Platinum Mine was among the participants and sponsors through the Booysendal Community Trust, an outreach program held in Rooikrans on Thursday 16th September.

Michael Westdyk of Sassa leading Bluemoon Mashegoane.

The purpose of the event was to enlighten residents on the services offered by the private sector as well as by the government, especially to encourage the residents of the farm to be tested for HIV / AIDS and Covid-19.

Departments and agencies of the provincial government of Mpumalanga such as SASSA, the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, the Department of Social Development, the Department of Labor, the Department of Health, the Department of Agriculture and Representatives of the local municipality of Thaba Chweu (TCLM) were also honored at the event.

The program was part of the process to involve all stakeholders in local government and traditional sectors and thereby ensure effective and efficient delivery of life-changing services in communities.

Jack Selowa, the stakeholder engagement coordinator at Booysendal, spoke at the event and encouraged locals to stop blocking roads and communicate effectively with local mines and the government when issues arise .

“The purpose of our involvement in these kinds of events is to further refine the relationship between the mine and its surrounding communities, a goal we aim to achieve by supporting you as stakeholders. “

“You are part of Booysendal and we encourage you to start businesses outside the mine, it means you can create alternative jobs outside of the mining environment. “

“Previously, we supported local young people in the agricultural sector. Currently, we are providing them with equipment to improve their agricultural projects, which will allow them to produce more sustainable and high-quality products. “You don’t have to protest to access our services, come visit us with your business plans and we’ll see how we can help the other stakeholders who are present today. There is no Manna from heaven who will help you, Vuk’uzenzele.

Selowa also mentioned that the government still needs people in other areas, locals should not just focus on getting jobs in the mines.

“Booysendal employs a large number of people and the priority goes to our local communities, we can do more but the more we can do cannot be entirely in mining.

There are other opportunities you can take, and we’re open to helping you. Have the zeal and courage to be an employer, not an employee. Create your own businesses.

“We are here to provide advice and to inform locals and the government that we are ready to help locals who want to start businesses, be it agricultural production, farming etc. We will support development initiatives. ”

He also encouraged locals to study: “Some schools turn into white elephants, study hard and educate ourselves so that we can have access to better opportunities. “

Locals line up to be tested for disease

“We should end the roadblocks because this action does nothing constructive for us the inhabitants. Roadblocks prevent many opportunities from occurring. When production at the mine is lost, it also hampers our ability to create alternative jobs. “. The mine is not standing back and doing nothing. We are actively involved in our communities. In improving local communities, Booysendal relies on improving childhood development.” Let’s look at the development. childhood, let’s improve the lives of toddlers. Launch programs that will uplift them, as they are our future leaders. “Let’s also make the effort to empower our women, we want to see independent women in business. Selowa also encouraged local youth to engage in sporting activities. “There is a willingness to help the locals in many aspects, including education, sports and other activities.”

In conclusion, Selowa advised parents in agricultural areas to guide their children. “One of our challenges is the high rate of teenage pregnancies. Encourage your children to study; we need engineers, metallurgists and managers in these fields.

Jonas Mohlala from Booysendal Community Trust thanked all the stakeholders who advised and helped the locals that day. He said the Trust aims to improve the lives of people around the mine. Such awareness programs have also been planned for the agricultural areas of Skaapskraal, Draaikraal, Bosfontein, Kiwi and Shaga.

Some of the event attendees

The event ended with testing for various diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS and high blood pressure. They also tested for cholesterol and were vaccinated against Covid-19

Bluemoon Mashegoane, a resident, said News from Steelburger / Lydenburg that the awareness program was beneficial.

Jack Selowa.

“I’m happy because I now know my status and can spot the signs of TB. I will continue to live a healthy and clean life. I will also advise my family to get tested. “I also received advice on how to write my resume and access funds to start businesses, this program has indeed been beneficial for local youth. “