Build websites and online courses without coding using FlexiFunnels

Well, it sounds impossible or too good to be true, and honestly, even I wouldn’t have believed it if you had said the same thing to me a few days ago. But believe me, this company “Misfits Change Makers Pvt Ltd” which has been working on this cutting edge “FlexiFunnels” technology for three years has made something possible today that could not even be thought of as a few years ago. That too, in such a simple and effortless way that it seems almost magical.

They have made building websites, marketing funnels, online courses, and building an online business so accessible that anyone without even a technical background can do it entirely on their own. They even shared a video of a 6th grader creating a website using FlexiFunnels using their simple drag and drop solution…no coding.

I’ll be honest, at first I laughed at the idea because it was impossible. After all, all of my technically sound friends have had years of college or training to be able to do this.

But when I saw the video of a child creating a website herself with just a few minutes of practice, that laughter quickly turned into curiosity. That’s when I started digging deep into this tool.

The more I explored, the more I was blown away by the revolutionary tool they had built. The more confident I became with my realization that “FlexiFunnels is going to completely transform the way online business is done FOREVER”.

It is a much needed revolution. We just talked about the website part, but there is so much more inside FlexiFunnels. Like integration with Indian payment gateways, you create products online and collect payments online. Then they have course hosting and other automatic digital product access delivery features. They also have lead generation and data collection tools in one place so you can market to them.

They have removed all the technical limitations that a person has in starting their own online business. Previously, even if someone had ideas to start an online business, the thought of hiring expensive coders or developers would stop them. And even if a few people would, flipping through coders and talking back and forth takes way too long.

Inside FlexiFunnels they have a “made for you” setup for all of this and also have tools where you can do it all yourself from scratch. So all the technical parts of starting an online business can be done in a single afternoon. It’s also quick and easy.

– Setting up your website, landing pages and online products

– to collect payments

– creation of online courses

– making conversion funnels

– to have all your segmented data in one place

– to get leads and sales

– do follow-up marketing

– many advanced features such as promotional offers, coupons, countdowns, pop-ups,

…and much more from a single dashboard.

FlexiFunnels is an “all-in-one enterprise centralization platform”. Their simple plug-n-play system is designed to help entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality.

This is for anyone:

– who want to start their online business from scratch without any technical or marketing skills

– someone who wants to grow their existing online business faster

– coaches, course creators, influencers and entrepreneurs who want to create and sell digital products with ease

– freelancers, agencies and service owners to work with clients

…and anyone who wants to get started in the world of online business without having to manage 10+ complicated and expensive tools or hire expensive developers.

FlexiFunnels was created by famous internet entrepreneur “Saurabh Bhatnagar”. He says, “We’re just happy because FlexiFunnels will help so many entrepreneurs’ dreams come true and really help people live their internet dream. I am delighted to see many entrepreneurs’ dreams come to life thanks to us.