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The Humboldt County Financial Improvement Division (GoHumCo) is taking to the streets looking for a group for its 2023-2027 Comprehensive Financial Improvement Technique (CEDS).

The neighborhood’s suggestions are key to designing a roadmap for our mutual improvement. That’s why we’re bringing together group members, neighbors, other business owners, and group leaders to discuss the key challenges and critical alternatives we face as a county. You too can share the achievements and aspirations of communities in your region or the county as a whole. The CEDS outcome document will present a thorough assessment of our region’s strengths and identify gaps in equity, infrastructure and our financial system that need to be addressed. He will provide us with an overview of a regional movement plan, financial resilience measures and efficiency indicators to monitor our progress.

The financial landscape of Humboldt County has changed significantly over the past 5 years. While a global pandemic, environmental issues, and infrastructure gaps have led to emergencies that need to be addressed, our country also has super progress and alternatives that we need to consider. The CEDS should be a technically sound plan to allow Humboldt to qualify for Federal Financial Enhancement Corporation (EDA) funding. Our region will be a driving force for regional cooperation and dialogue about where we are now and how we need to move forward.

Bright Advertising and Marketing and the Humboldt County Financial Improvement Division will host six group opportunities throughout the county to hear your perspectives on the world’s strengths, weaknesses, alternatives and threats. The tours will introduce residents to a voice for the 2023-2027 Comprehensive Financial Improvement Technique. For people who can’t attend in person, for those who can’t attend in person or complete online surveys at, we’ll be maintaining an additional group opportunity via zoom.

After the group presentations, business and group leaders can respond to group findings and, as business and group leaders, inform the CEDS course with their analysts. We will use the knowledge collected by the group and combine it with the knowledge of the business and group leaders. However, an essential first step is for Business and Group Leaders to participate in our Group Roadshows. We simply ask that you work with your group members, unite in one district, and spend time with the district as you bring the district out of the district and into the district.

Humboldt Rising roadshows are a method in your group to share that you realize the weaknesses in your space and the threats that your space is going through, that you realize and want. Knowledge will likely be gathered from group surveys and work done to create the draft CEDS document. Then, in the spring of 2023, the acquaintances will be made there to the group so that it remains to ensure that the information collected accurately represents the panorama of the assets of our neighborhood in our region and to establish gaps in our equity, our infrastructure and financial system. must be addressed.