City of Pembroke launches new websites

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The City of Pembroke has revamped, updated and improved to improve the user experience and access to information.

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Over the past year, staff have been working on these improvements and developments, and the site launched this week.

This work also included the creation of a brand new economic development website,, housed in the main municipal site. will offer resources to help new and existing businesses as well as new residents to encourage them to settle in Pembroke.

The new municipal website offers refined navigation to simplify the search for information for users.

“Analytics from the previous website were used to highlight both points of interest for users and elements or pages that were underutilized to make them easier to access on the new site,” Elijah McKeown, Pembroke’s head of tourism and digital media, told council members. at its April 19 meeting. “A modern and accessible redesign allows the site to be equally accessible to everyone and provides an improved experience for mobile and desktop users.”

Pembroke Mayor Mike LeMay thanked McKeown and Heather Sutherland, Pembroke’s Economic Development and Communications Officer, for their hard work on the new websites and features over the past year.

“I think this website is going to be a tremendous asset because it’s our main tool for communicating with the residents of our community and the importance of being transparent as a board will help us,” LeMay said, adding that he liked the ease of use of the site.

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“It’s a great tool,” he says.

Features of the new website include a business directorya schedule of meetings, a fleet and equipment module and one tax calculator.

The new improved version business directory allows users to sort by different categories or search by keywords to find information about Pembroke businesses.

The meeting schedule contains links to all available meeting agendas, minutes, and video links to past and upcoming board and committee meetings.

the parks and facilities module includes a list of parks, playgrounds and other recreational amenities and facilities in Pembroke with photos, locations and information.

the tax calculator allows users to enter a property class, number of units and property assessment value and the calculator will display a calculated breakdown of the taxes paid and the services they go towards in the municipal budget.

McKeown said new developments of information on the site will continue to be made by staff in the coming weeks and regularly updated and monitored.

Comments or suggestions can be provided to staff by clicking “Feedback on the website” at the bottom of the screen at