Economic Development Post Incarceration Workbook” is an amazing tool for post-prison success.

Patrick Young, an educator, businessman, organizer, and attorney currently in charge of gun violence prevention for the city of New Orleans, has completed his new book “A Way Up: Economic Development Post Incarceration Workbook: A Guide useful for people released from prison looking to stay out of the system and not return to a life of crime due to financial problems.

“‘A Way Up’ is a project very dear to my heart,” Young writes. “Besides reflecting the story of my personal life, I’m far more captivated by the experiences of thousands, if not millions, of other people who are currently incarcerated or who have seen what life is like behind bars in the today’s cruel criminal justice system and currently trying to become productive members of society again. I wanted the book to bring them hope, faith and conviction. I wanted it to make them mentally unstoppable while incarcerated. I wanted the book helps them take ultimate responsibility for their lives and believe that only they can truly chart the course of their destiny and shape the outcomes of their lives.I wanted them to know that prison is not the end I wanted them to see the post-incarceration success story of Jeff Henderson, Lawrence Carpenter, Roy Castro and Marian Hatcher among many others, and believe that despite the well-documented avalanche of favorite challenges Before the recurrence, they can also succeed and go all the way to live the best version of their life. I wanted them to stop focusing on getting out, but on getting up and achieving economic relevance, because that would prevent them from going back to their previous life and then going back to prison.

“And then there is the vicious circle of mass incarceration and poverty that feed off each other to deprive Americans, especially black people and other members of minority communities who have been surrounded by economic disruption, chance of economic success. That’s why focusing on staying awake and not just getting out of jail means breaking the cycle of poverty. This means mastering the principles of wealth creation. It means forging an unstoppable mindset that prison bars can’t stop you from achieving your dreams. It means giving in to constant, never-ending improvement, recognizing your gifts, connecting them to a vehicle of wealth, and creating market value. It means that you have decided not only to survive, but also to prosper and create generational wealth. That’s what this book is about. »

Published by Page Publishing, Patrick Young’s handbook on financial and personal success after incarceration focuses on building habits to ensure a bright future after serving time. By breaking down each step and allowing readers to reflect on each section through interactive parts, Young presents a tool through which ex-convicts can learn to take control of their lives and not fall back into a life of crime, smashing thus the cycle of incarceration.

Readers who wish to experience this impactful work can purchase “A Way Up: Economic Development Post Incarceration Workbook” in bookstores around the world or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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