Florence One Schools launches a new economics course | Local News

“The School Foundation was pleased to donate $ 50,000 to help fund Bloomberg programs in Florence 1 schools,” said Debbie Hyler, Executive Director of The School Foundation. “We felt like it was a very innovative program and something very necessary. We are excited to partner with the District to deliver something that is the first of its kind in the state of South Carolina.

Wilson senior Madeline Nelson said she can already see ways to apply the concepts she is learning in the course.

“I was interested in taking this course because it was new, something that had never been offered before,” said Nelson. “I think this is a course you will actually use outside of high school, something you can apply in life. The most interesting thing for me is how many different layers of silver there are. How it’s used, how people loan it and invest it. I didn’t know there were so many different ways to use money.

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Nelson said what she learned will help her manage her own money in the future.

Brigina Dicks-Woolridge teaches the course to Wilson. She said that when speaking with her students, she often reflects on the lessons she learned from her father.

“I’m fortunate that my dad was always interested in investing,” said Dicks-Woolridge. “He was always talking about money and the value of a dollar, not buying things until they were at your price. Yet, to this day, I won’t be buying anything at full price.

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