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Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader JP Nadda has tackled dynastic politics as a two-day meeting of the party’s national executive started on Saturday in Hyderabad, highlighting a key point on which the ruling party plans to take on the opposition in preparation for the 2024 elections.

Blaming opposition parties for trying to ‘mislead’ the nation, the BJP chairman said they had played a ‘destructive role’ and tried to create obstacles to the development agenda and social protection.

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In the inaugural speech of the meeting, which was attended by top BJP brass including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Nadda said that the opposition parties, in their zeal to criticize the prime minister, oppose the country by pursuing the right government measures and schemes.

“When the BJP is in power it empowers the poor and when the opposition is in power it empowers the families,” Nadda said while addressing party workers.

His statement was in line with Prime Minister Modi’s instructions to his party colleagues in the past to point out the perils of dynastic politics. The party’s senior leaders have said that the dynastic political debate against merit will be key to the party’s election campaign for the 2024 general election and a series of national elections to come.

The BJP national executive also passed an economic and “garib kalyan” resolution at the meeting on Saturday. While Union Minister Rajnath Singh proposed it, Piyush Goyal and Manohar Lal Khattar supported the resolution.

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said the economic resolution recognized the government’s “gareeb kalyan sankalp (determination to empower the poor)”.

While the opposition criticized the government’s economic policies, Pradhan said the government had already promised public sector jobs. “In the years to come, we will create 10 million jobs in the public sector… Agnipath was appreciated. The establishment of the Gati Shakti will also help create jobs, exports are also increasing in the global services sector and in the metals sector,” he said.

Speaking to the media, Pradhan said while the Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a global economic crisis, India has managed to care for the poor through a host of social protection schemes. He said the government’s work over the past eight years has become a “global model”.

Apart from Prime Minister and BJP Chairman Nadda, the meeting is being attended by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Chief Ministers of 19 states and other top BJP leaders at the Hyderabad International Convention Center. The prime minister is expected to address the meeting on Sunday and is likely to present a roadmap for the party ahead of the next election.

“When he spoke about the constructive policy of the BJP, he reflected on the destructive policy they (the opposition) hope to impose on the country. The mainly family-oriented opposition has time and again tried that policies to empower the poor are met with destruction and disruption,” Union Minister Smriti Irani told reporters while detailing Nadda’s speech.

She said that Nadda in his address said opposition parties have started opposing issues that are in the interest of the country while opposing Prime Minister Modi.

For its part, the opposition criticized the government for encouraging communal polarization, referring to recent comments by some BJP leaders. BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma was recently suspended after international controversy over her comments on the Prophet Muhammad.

Responding to a question about the opposition alleging that the government is fostering an atmosphere of unrest, Irani said, “The destructive policy of the opposition has been reflected in the speech of the president (BJP). He also reflected on how the BJP operates independently of propaganda based solely on disinformation in an effort to create disruption. Irrespective of these opposition shenanigans, the people of India voted vehemently for Narendra Modi as Prime Minister, proving that the people of this country believe in him and that under his leadership they seek to make a difference. a stronger nation. ”

On a separate question on Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao not personally receiving Prime Minister Modi who arrived in Hyderabad on Saturday, Irani said the CM did not insult an individual but an institution.

“The Prime Minister has called for cooperative federalism and for the past eight years has met with every leader… with respect, like the valid ‘maryada’. This KCR not only disrupted what was constitutionally federal protocol, it reflects on him,” she said.

The BJP and the TRS in Telangana have recently engaged in a war of words. The BJP says the countdown to the exit of the TRS government in the state has begun. On Saturday, the TRS government called the two-day BJP meeting a “circus”.

Irani, however, countered that the meeting was a platform to discuss “nation-building” issues.

“For KCR and his political entity, politics can be a circus and people can be affiliated with clownish behavior and he may not take it the seriousness it deserves. But for us, it is a vector of social emancipation and national construction. It is in such national gatherings that we honor the contribution of our citizens and pledge to serve our country better.

The BJP accused the TRS of following a dynastic policy and accused the government of failing to deliver on the promises it made to the people of the state.

The Union Minister said Nadda also celebrated the good governance of the Modi government and recognized his constant service for 20 years in public service. “He highlighted the sacrifices of SP Mukherjee so that we can remain united as one nation…He thanked the Union Prime Minister and Home Minister…on Article 370…it is the pride of our party that the prime minister has delivered on the promise of equal opportunity and empowerment of the poor that Deen Dayal Upadhyay spoke about,” Irani said.

“He was particularly happy to express our gratitude to the Prime Minister for the programs dedicated to empowering women, whether it was the construction of 11 crore toilets or housing,” he said. she declared.

Nadda also expressed concern over political violence and attacks on BJP workers in the opposition-run states of West Bengal and Kerala.

“He said the nation is witnessing how our workers are being killed in states like West Bengal, Kerala…,” she said.


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