Justice hits banned websites

A court ordered the blocking of 71 URLs related to illegal gambling over the past week, according to the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES).

DES Minister Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn said that between November 8 and November 14, the court authorized the blocking of 80 URLs that violated the computer crime law. Of the total, 71 URLs offered gambling services and the rest were for national security.

According to Mr. Chaiwut, the DES ministry asked the court to block an additional 418 URLs for posting illegal content.

In an update on the ministry’s crackdown on fake news over the past week, he said some 132 items of alleged fake news had been submitted for review.

Of these, 81 concerned government policies, 42 were related to health issues, seven to economic affairs and two to natural disasters.

Of the total, 13 items were considered fake news, six were found to be distorted, and another 57 were found to be genuine. The others are still under review.

Among the fake news were articles about a Bank of Thailand investment program, the health risks of Covid-19 vaccines, and the collection of VAT from PayPal users.

Mr Chaiwut said the ministry had asked eight agencies affected by the spread of fake news to file complaints so that legal action could be taken.

He added that legal action was also pending against a group of people associated with nine URLs with illegal content. Of the total, six URLs were based on Facebook while the other three were on Twitter.