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(Glenwood) – Mills County economic development officials hope a newly designated site near Glenwood can attract “world-class” businesses to enter southwest Iowa.

Late last week, in partnership with the Iowa Economic Development Authority, MidAmerican Energy and other stakeholders, the Mills County Economic Development Foundation announced a 1,700-acre area now known as Mills Crossing, just east of Glenwood, north of US Highway 34, designated for potential businesses. Speaking on KMA’s “Morning Line” Monday morning, Mills County Economic Development Foundation executive director Marco Floreani said the site had taken years to develop.

“You do your due diligence, work with the Iowa Economic Development Authority on their site certification program, and make sure you have all the answers on site because industries have a lot of questions,” Floreani said. “So we’ve put this package together and submitted it almost like a test, it’s reviewed, we answer more questions, and then if they decide it’s certifiable, they’ll certify it. We just launched it this week last.”

Floreani says proximity to transportation corridors was critical in determining the location of the site.

“It’s not too far from Interstate-29 and that was really important because Interstate-29 is a huge asset to Mills County and Southwestern Iowa just off a transit corridor,” said Floreani. “In addition to the railroad, we have the BNSF which runs north-south and east-west just off I-29, so we have the east-west line near our site.”

He adds that the companies’ potential workforce includes nearly a million workers within a 60-minute drive.

As they enter the next phase of marketing the new Mills Crossing, Floreani says economic development officials aren’t afraid to be “picky” with the types of businesses they bring in due to the size and proximity to the Omaha metropolitan area.

“We are looking for ‘world-class’ employers and the site went live last week, so now is the next phase of marketing that could expand to the industry, and there are a lot of industries growing right now,” Floreani said. “We are excited for the opportunities that may arise and the opportunity to continue to share more about what makes Mills County a great place to locate a business.”

According to state officials, MidAmerican Energy covers the area with electric and natural gas systems. But, Floreani says additional infrastructure needs or opportunities may arise.

“Some industries may need more water or electricity than what is currently available on site, so you will need to make improvements there, and this also applies to storm water or sewage,” Floreani said. . “And then, depending on the number of employees there, there are always improvements to (Highway 34) that will be looked at and requested by potential industry, just to make the site more accessible.”

Additionally, fiber optic lines are also accessible through Western Iowa Networks. More information and a site map can be found on the Iowa Economic Development Authority website. Floreani’s full interview is available below.

Mills County Economic Development Foundation Executive Director Marco Floreani discusses a new state-designated mega site in Mills County and other ongoing developments.

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