Nagaland Workers’ Welfare Council signs agreement with Kohima Press Club

Kohima: As a first step, a media partnership agreement between the Kohima Press Club (KPC) and the Nagaland Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board (NBOCWWB) was signed on Wednesday to encourage collaboration between the two establishments and support each other in their obligations to public services.

The agreement was signed by KPC President Alice Yhoshü and NBOCWWB President Kekhrie Yhome at the Vivor Hotel in Kohima.

As per the agreement, NBOCWWB will make a financial commitment to KPC with Rs 5,00,000 as a one-time full payment. The Kohima Press Club will initiate, innovate and then institute scholarships or media awards.

Yhome informed that the scholarship or awards would shine a light on the plight of building and construction workers.

KPC President Alice Yhoshü thanked Yhome-led NBOCWWB for proposing the partnership to highlight social issues and promote media professionals.

She said it was a first in Nagaland where a press club ventured beyond the usual activities and took on the responsibility of introducing the media community to the small but growing community of journalists.

She informed that the KPC would embark on developing the necessary module of the scholarship program and advertise it in the local media.

She hopes the fellowship will provide journalists with a learning opportunity to learn about the socio-economic life of disadvantaged communities while creating impact through their storytelling by bringing about desired changes regarding the issues highlighted.

She also suggested that an introductory workshop be considered to help participants understand the purpose of the program.

Additionally, Yhoshü hoped that more government agencies and departments would come forward to partner with news organizations to support the growth of impactful journalism in the state and also improve the lives of the underprivileged, thereby ensuring social justice in society.

Another agreement was also signed between Directorate of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) and NBOCWWB where Rs 10 lakh was granted to DIPR. The DIPR will offer short documentaries of less than 90 seconds.

Media partnership agreements have been entered into with the NBOCWWB to promote the public interest and underline the sectoral focus on workers associated with construction and other activities; highlight the activities of NBOCWWB, particularly on social justice schemes and social benefits.

The agreement is a one-year signed agreement between NBOCWWB and DIPR, and NBOCWWB and KPC.

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