NBA presidential hopeful seeks to improve judges’ welfare

A senior lawyer in Nigeria (SAN), Mikyau Yakubu, has called for improved pay and other benefits for judges in the country to protect them from the temptation to engage in corrupt acts.

The aspiring President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) lamented that the salaries of judges, including Supreme Court Justices, have remained the same since 2007 and called for its upward revision.

He praised judges in the judiciary for striving to rise above the edge despite the challenges of low pay and welfare.

Yakubu who made the observation in Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi State during talks with the state chapter of the association was later adopted as the state’s consensus candidate for the post of President.

All three branches of the association in the state, namely Abakaliki, Onueke and Afikpo, endorsed Yakubu’s adoption as the state chapter’s consensus candidate.

The NBA presidential aspirant, while addressing his colleagues, promised to continue the policies of the Olumide Akpata administration.

He said his leaders will work to ensure the welfare of young lawyers is properly protected and enhanced.

He also said his administration would work to uphold discipline and respect for the rule of law among lawyers.

He said his administration will ensure the integrity and independence of the judiciary.

He said: “It might interest you to know that since 2007 there has not been a single judge in this country, including Supreme Court justices, who have had their salaries increased.

He has been at this level since 2007.

“They frequent the same market, send their children to the same schools and operate within the same economy. Imagine someone in that position who hasn’t had their salary raised since 2007, you’re just setting up a condition and an atmosphere for them to be tempted.