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T Yangseo Sangtam, Dy Speaker NLA speaking during the awareness campaign organized by NBOCW Welfare Board at Hopongkyü Memorial Hall, Kiphire town. (Photo Morung)

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Kiphire | June 6

The Nagaland Building & Other Construction Workers (NBOCW) Welfare Board conducted an awareness campaign on building workers and other construction workers at Hopongkyü Memorial Hall, Kiphire City on June 6. President Dr. Kekhrie Yhome.

Addressing the participants, MP Yangseo Sangtam urged to stop this opportunity, register and spread the information to other participants at the village level. He encouraged to spread the information so that the deserving recipients can take advantage of the opportunity provided by the government for the overall economic growth of the society and improve the living conditions of the construction workers.

Highlighting the importance and benefits of registering with the NBOCW Welfare Board, he said that up to two children of such registered workers receive the high school scholarship for which he asked participants to take advantage of the facility by registering themselves.

Referring to the data, Yangseo pointed out that after the pandemic, hundreds of young people from Kiphire who worked outside returned “creating an unemployment problem in the district” which needs to be properly addressed. He said the skills and talents that young people possess can be used constructively to empower young people and provide them with the purchasing power that will help and improve the economy of the district.

“The NBOCW Welfare Council is one such body that can effectively assist in training the unskilled workers for which it encouraged participants to take full advantage of the opportunity, as today employment government was at saturation point,” he said.

Calling for a change in the culture of work among the Nagas, the MP said: “Today, if we want to improve our standard of living and our economy, we must be ready to accept any job in any which sector, because the government cannot provide jobs for everyone”.

Yangseo informed that after becoming a deputy within a year, he built four roads in the district as the road was extremely vital for the district’s growth, progress and economy.

Encouraging participants and coming together to enjoy the “Aspirational District”, he expressed his optimism that an outreach program like this will open the eyes of the people of Kiphire to enjoy and understand various government programs and policies that the government provides.

Delivering a brief speech, the Chairman of the NBOCW Welfare Council, Dr. Kekhrie Yhome, assured the assembly that whatever can be done within the framework of the Council will be done in collaboration with stakeholders for the benefit of the construction workers.

Highlighting the council’s activities, he informed that he looks after the welfare of all construction workers in villages and towns in Nagaland, totaling 1280 recognized villages and 75 unrecognized villages regardless of type. of construction activities by maintaining data of construction workers. specialty so that their services can be utilized when needed.

Stating that the outreach program was organized in Kiphire with emphasis on the number of registered participants being very less in Kiphire, Dr. Kekhrie encouraged more participants to register and enjoy all the benefits that beneficiaries have the right.

Pointing out that Kohima and Dimapur have the highest number of registrations,” he said, ”Appropriate screening will be carried out to identify genuine workers so that those who are ineligible cannot benefit. no advantage, because most of the time those who don’t deserve it get the opportunity while leaving out the genuine ones.

In order to cover every district, the NBOCW Welfare Board has initiated a quota system to ensure that every district is covered for which, the board chairman assured that registered participants who are left out this year will be included in the coming year so that the benefits are equally shared.

Seeking cooperation from the administration, civil society and tribal leaders even in the coming days, he said that since Kiphire is a big district, a similar program will be organized in Kiphire, Pungro and Seyochung.

Giving his remark, Dr. Robin NCS, ADC Kiphire said that the outreach program will surely help the people of Kiphire both in terms of qualifying the unskilled and improving the economy of Kiphire. “As the government service is almost exhausted, we should not only focus on getting government jobs, but also on creating jobs through self-employment,” he said. CDA assured that the district administration will work hand in hand with all stakeholders for the progress and growth of Kiphire.

The program was chaired by T Chubayanger, CEO, NBOCW Welfare Board and welcome speech by Thritongse Sangtam, 60 A/C President followed by distribution of publicity materials and participant interaction and registration.