Odisha’s consumer welfare minister blames Russian-Ukrainian war for price hike

The current inflation and soaring commodity prices in Odisha are due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, the State Minister for Food Supply and Welfare said on Saturday. consumers, Ranendra Pratap Swain.

Swain said the economic situation outside the country has affected the financial situation inside the county. “Due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, the supply chain has been widely affected across the world. The supply chain for goods from China has also broken,” Swain said.

In order to get out of the current situation, Swain suggested that the center hold talks with all states regarding tax and duty reduction.

Regarding the spike in vegetable prices, Swain said, “We are generally dependent on other states for various vegetables. In these locations, production was affected due to unfavorable weather conditions. We feel the pinch for these reasons.
Currently, consumers in the state are grappling with rising broiler chicken and tomato prices. With chicken selling at Rs 280/300 per kilogram, for non-vegetarian lovers, relishing non-vegetarian foods has become an expensive affair. Similarly, housewives started skimping on the use of tomato to adjust their budget.