Rockwall Economic Development Corporation helps businesses grow and the City of Rockwall thrive

Rockwall, Texas has become the perfect place for business expansion and relocation and Rockwall EDC is a big reason why.

Rockwall Economic Development Corporation (REDC) is a not-for-profit economic development corporation whose mission is to bring a vibrant industry to Rockwall, while balancing the high quality of life offered in the community.

The REDC seeks to recruit new offices or manufacturing businesses or expand existing businesses to help improve local tax values ​​that support the valuable services provided by the city, council, and Rockwall Independent School District. The Company also facilitates and encourages the creation of jobs intended to increase household incomes in the region.

The REDC has used many tools in pursuit of its economic development mission. Most notably, REDC has developed 550 acres of ready-to-use land in Rockwall Technology Park, serviced by first-class road, utility and regional drainage infrastructure. After the infrastructure is installed, the REDC then sells the property to qualified relocating or growing businesses at below market values, as part of an incentive offer. Currently, the REDC is embarking on the construction of a third phase of the Rockwall Technology Park.

In addition to land rebates, REDC also offers cash incentives to prospects to fund or cover a portion of expenses associated with building improvements, development fees, moving costs, taxes, or utility bonds. public services.

Beyond financial incentives for prospective businesses, REDC works with new and existing businesses on recruitment and workforce development issues, in partnership with state agencies and educational institutions. locals on job fairs and skills training programs to ensure there is a sufficient and skilled workforce in Rockwall to meet the challenges of the various advanced manufacturing industries within the community. REDC also offers grants to help companies recruit hard-to-fill positions, as well as funding for marketing and operational support for hosting job fairs and on-site open houses.

Finally, REDC has developed relationships among local government officials and often serves as a liaison on behalf of local industry leaders for various regulatory issues that may arise.

Throughout its history, the REDC has been successful in its endeavours, in part because of the services the Society has to offer, but also because of the good quality of life in the community. Rockwall is known for being a vibrant community in North Texas with A-rated schools, a high median household income, and a strong reputation for safety. This all happened as the tax rate in the community has fallen to one of the lowest in the state and the cost of living is considered favorable to other desirable communities in the DFW Metroplex. Recently, Rockwall was ranked 4th in Money Magazine’s list of the best places to live in America.

Rockwall is just getting started, and there’s even more room for businesses that might be looking for a new home. Additional details about Rockwall, and what the REDC has to offer, can be found here: