The most visited websites in May 2022

Website traffic results for the month of May are in! Let’s see which websites had the most visits and which websites had the highest percentage of gain or loss of visits to their sites.

As for the top 10 most visited websites in May, Alphabet (GOOGL) was again the leader in website traffic, holding the top two domains, and The rest of the companies include Meta (,, Twitter (, Amazon (,, Apple ( and Microsoft (, ).

Top 10 most visited websites in May

Rank Teleprinter Website Online Category % change since April

GOOGL Search engine 13%
2 GOOGL Streaming Services -41%

Facebook Social networks seven%

TWTR Social networks 4%

AMZN E-commerce 5%
6 Facebook Social networks seven%

AAPL E-commerce -14%

MSFT Search engine -26%
9 AMZN Streaming Services 3%
ten MSFT Social network 0%

When it comes to the 100 most visited websites list, (VZ) saw the strongest growth in website traffic, with 116% more visitors than in April 2022. Additionally, the South Korean e-commerce company (CPNG) gained 76%, software company gained 70% (APP) and, interestingly, Google’s payment center ( GOOGL), gained 68%.

The websites with the biggest drops in traffic are (INTU), losing -43%, (GOOGL) -41%, (MSFT) -26%, (APPL ) – 15% and -15%. is also owned by Intuit (INTU).

May Website Traffic Winners

Which websites saw the biggest increases in visits to their websites in May? In the fifth month of 2022, interest in the search engine and SaaS sectors was high.

Teleprinter Website Online category % change since April

VZ Streaming Services 116%

CPNG E-commerce 76%

APPLICATION E-commerce 70%

GOOGL Financial services 68%

GOOGL Search engine 48%

YNDX Search engine 48%

UDMY SaaS 33%

GOOGL SaaS 30%

EA Video games 28%

May’s website traffic losers

In May, interest in streaming services and financial services appears to have waned. Among the top 100 domains, the websites with the highest visitor losses are associated with these two industries. Here are the biggest “losers”:

Teleprinter Website Online Category % change since April

INTU SaaS -43%

GOOGL Streaming Services -41%

MSFT Search engine -26%

AAPL Streaming Services -15%

INTU Financial services -15%

MSFT SaaS -14%

AAPL E-commerce -14%

CHGG SaaS -12%

WFC Financial services -9%

Join us next month for June website traffic winners and losers.