The Prime Minister’s social agenda – Pakistan Observer

WHILE listing a number of measures taken by his government for the progress and well-being of the masses, Prime Minister Imran Khan said he wanted a major improvement in the lives of disadvantaged segments of society before the end of the current mandate.

Addressing a crowd at the crowded Skardu Municipal Stadium on Thursday, he spoke about the largest food subsidy program, extending the universal health insurance network to one million for every household in the country, improving the road connectivity in Gilgit-Baltistan and the completion of Skardu International Airport and said such projects and programs would go a long way in transforming people’s lives.

The Prime Minister can certainly be proud to launch some of the initiatives that have the potential to make real change in the life of the common man.

Although the subsidy of a thousand rupees for a family for a month is not enough to offset the rising prices, especially for large families, it would certainly alleviate the plight of the poor as they could afford basic food items like wheat. flour, ghee and sugar at much lower rates.

On the basis of its experience, the government could consider a substantial increase in the monthly amount of the subsidy and payment of electricity and gas bills can also be included as part of the program in view of a constantly increasing tariff, which goes beyond absorption capacity. Household.

The health card is certainly a revolutionary step because from now on every citizen will have the possibility of obtaining quality treatment.

The health card system envisions the diversion of huge budgets to private sector health facilities, which should help them invest in modernizing and improving service delivery.

However, such programs are prone to misuse by hospitals and healthcare facilities and therefore it is absolutely necessary to carry out a strict and complete control to check for any possibility of corrupt practices such as billing for services. , tests and drugs that are never provided.

This is important since most cardholders are either illiterate or semi-literate and do not have a good understanding of the procedures and complexities involved.

At the same time, the government should also start to focus on the neglected education sector, as the country cannot develop without promoting quality education and proper research and development.

The Prime Minister’s determination to develop GB on modern lines to make it one of the top destinations for tourists is welcome, but the goal cannot be achieved without developing a solid infrastructure in the region.

Projects such as the Skardu International Airport, the strategic Jaglot-Skardu road and the proposed luxury resorts would surely improve connectivity and pave the way for a greater influx of tourists, but that is not enough.

At present, access to many beautiful lakes, waterfalls and scenic spots is severely restricted due to the lack of roads or their disrepair and a comprehensive program needs to be launched to meet this challenge.

Oddly enough, the prime minister warned locals to protect their interests, as outsiders are said to be watching their property and lands due to the region’s tourism potential.

It is understood that the government or the locals alone cannot take charge of all aspects of the progress, development and establishment of facilities for tourists such as the establishment of hotels and motels, health facilities. , reliable and comfortable transport fleets, chairlifts and leisure parks.

Rapid development can take place if local and foreign investors are encouraged to undertake different projects taking into account the needs of local people and tourists.

The Prime Minister also spoke of connecting Britain to Azad Kashmir by roads and in this context it is hoped that he will take a personal interest in making the required feasibility and launching mega road projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Completion of the hydropower projects would not only improve the socio-economic life of the inhabitants of the region, but would also ensure a reliable supply of electricity to the region.

Now that PTI has its own government in Britain, it is time to implement this vision as a priority, as the development of Britain as an ideal tourist destination could help soften the country’s financial and economic wishes. . The investment in GB is worth it.