Without new residents and foreign workers, it is difficult to maintain a welfare state

ZAGREB, July 12, 2022 – Without new residents and bringing in workers from abroad, Croatia cannot maintain a welfare state, a conference was told on Tuesday – “How to stimulate economic development with labor policies and continuous investment in education” – at the Lavoslav Ružička Polytechnic in Vukovar.

The general director of the Association of Croatian Employers (HUP), Damir Zorić, estimated that a large part of today’s unemployed in Croatia fall into the category of people who are difficult to employ and on whom the labor market can hard to count.

“The second part of the problem is young people leaving the country and the third problem is trying to import labour. Last year, Croatia issued around 100,000 permits work to foreigners, and this year we have already reached that number by the middle of the year,” said Zorić, adding that the majority of foreigners coming to work in Croatia are from neighboring countries, but even this “pool has already been somewhat exhausted.

According to Zorić, Croatia is now increasingly looking to India, Romania and Ukraine, where mostly less educated workers come from.

“Unfortunately, we are not yet attractive enough for highly qualified personnel, because with our salaries we can hardly meet their demands,” he said, adding that it was necessary to reduce labor costs. in Croatia so that workers earn more while reducing state obligations.

State Secretary at the Ministry of Labor and Pension System, Ivan Vidiš, considered the ministry’s participation important in the creation of an advanced labor market and education monitoring portal. It is a research tool that brings together all labor market data in one place, from data on employment and unemployment in the sector to data on secondary and higher education for the professions of this sector, through data on workforce and employer needs.

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